About Us

GenTrust was built to offer an entirely new choice. We are an independent registered investment advisor, fueled by an institutional-quality investment engine that focuses on addressing the diverse financial questions and opportunities facing wealthy individuals and families.

Our Story

After lengthy careers with leading Wall Street firms, our founders came to believe that wealthy individuals and families were not being well served by many wealth managers.

During their time in the industry, our founders believed that the best investment thinking – skills, research, ideas, tools, systems – was primarily reserved for institutions and other professional money managers. They saw the need for clients to work with an advisor that can both prioritize the client relationship while also having the necessary breadth and depth of investment knowledge, tools, and experience to deliver custom and relevant solutions.

Our firm was built from the ground up to be aligned behind our clients’ interests and to strive to pursue those interests as relentlessly as they would themselves. As a result, we focus on delivering custom solutions, in a fee-sensitive manner, judged by the value we create for clients.

More than a decade and over $4 billion in client AUM later, GenTrust’s commitment to these founding principles has never wavered.

years of shared institutional experience
assets under management*
*As of 06/15/2024

Our History

Institutional Expertise

Our in-house investment management team leverages 150+ years of the firm’s combined institutional investment experience to thoughtfully navigate the complex market environments and to ensure that each client is delivered a tailor-made investment solution calculated precisely for their long-term financial goals.

Our team did not come together coincidentally; many of our investment professionals worked together at some point in their careers prior to joining GenTrust.