Our Capabilities

We believe that financial value goes beyond investment performance alone. With a team of investors, planners, and advisors, we have developed a comprehensive toolkit that allows us to offer family office services to all of our clients.

Who We Serve

At GenTrust, we have the necessary breadth and depth to handle many complex financial situations resulting from years of working with a diverse clientele.

We aim to be a trusted partner to our clients, and pride ourselves on our ability to integrate well within their network of advisors, including CPAs, attorneys and business managers.

Hedge fund, private equity and other financial professionals.

Entrepreneurs, corporate executives & wealthy/ multigenerational families.

Professional athletes and luminaries in sports, media and entertainment.

Foundations & family offices

Wealth Management

We believe that wealth advisory goes beyond merely asset allocation and portfolio management.  That’s why we have a team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with an array of complex financial situations and give them the full family office experience. With an in-house financial planning department, reporting department, and concierge department, GenTrust’s Teams are here to provide individualized solutions and assist with many of life’s obstacles.

Asset Management

We offer proprietary investment strategies that have been honed through research and development. Integrated into client portfolios but also available a la carte, these strategies include: bespoke fixed income management, option overlays, sector rotation, momentum based strategies and tax-efficient risk parity.

  • Bespoke fixed-income management
  • Option overlays
  • Sector rotation
  • Momentum based strategies
  • Tax-efficient risk parity

Outsourced CIO (OCIO)

We offer outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) services to select investment advisory firms looking for bespoke, high-touch solutions for their clients.  We give our partner firms the flexibility to pick from a variety of services including, but not limited to portfolio management, risk rebalancing, asset allocation, reporting, communications, and educational resources. This program is designed to help our partner firms better provide for their clients and foster growth with added support.


Our Capabilities

We offer multi-faceted solutions to help our clients with their specific needs.

From complex compensation plans and stock options to navigating generational wealth, we have seen it. We work alongside our clients and their team to ensure that all situations are presented bespoke solutions.

Portfolio design
customized to the client’s specific situation

Curated alternative investments typically not available publicly

Sophisticated, tailor-made investment solutions

Integrated multi-custodian reporting to deliver a consolidated financial picture

Risk management strategies to address client-specific situations

Investment plans that are optimized for tax efficiency

Estate planning & insurance services to facilitate desired asset transfers

Complex cash and liability

Financial planning services to aid decision-making and scenario testing

Concierge & lifestyle

Our Investment Principles

We believe that wealth is the result of disciplined effort, long-term vision, goal setting, strategic planning, and tactical execution. We have assembled a set of carefully crafted principles that serve as the foundation for all our investment solutions.

Our core investment principles are based on proprietary research.

We believe that asset allocation accounts for 70-90% of the variation in portfolio returns. Our approach focuses on designing the optimal asset allocation for each client.

Diversification creates portfolios with attractive reward/risk characteristics.

Costs are a certainty, but outperformance is not. We believe investment success depends on not overpaying for performance.

Tax-efficient investing improves what our clients care about: after-tax returns. Creating optimal tax efficiency, however, is a complex problem that must be analyzed on an individual basis.

Core asset allocation is based on the expected performance of each asset class during various macroeconomic scenarios, positioning the portfolio to be more stable across market environments.

Backward-looking risk measures rely on history repeating itself; GenTrust utilizes forward-looking scenario analysis to evaluate the risk in portfolios and optimize allocations.

GenTrust examines the fundamental links between asset classes to determine their relative value and adjusts allocations over time.